Macro Lens Working Distances

working distance

Working Distance is the measurement from the front of the lens to the subject. It does not include lens hood; it's the measurement from the focus plane on the subject to the middle of the front element of the lens

The following data is from my field notes compiled when using these lenses, coupled with known published manufacturer specs. There can be small variabilities to these numbers due to differences in measurement techniques. 

Nikon Lenses
Note that all Micro-Nikkors use a combination of focal length and focus extension to get to 1:1 (life-size) magnification ratios, which also impacts the maximum aperture value reported.

40mm f/2.8G DX

  • 1:1 is 2.1” (52.5mm) working distance

60mm f/2.8D

  • 1:1 is 2” (50mm) working distance (focal length is 49.4mm, max aperture is effective f/4)
  • 1:2 is 4.7" (120mm) working distance 

85mm f/3.5G DX

  • 1:1 is 5.6” (141mm)  working distance (focal length is 71.5mm, max aperture is effective f/5)

105mm f/2.8G VR

  • 1:1 is 5.5” (139mm)  working distance (focal length is 74mm, max aperture is effective f/4.8)
  • 1:2 is 10” (238mm) working distance 

200mm f/4D

  • 1:1 is 10” (261mm)  working distance (focal length is 102mm)
  • 1:2 is 18.2" (461mm) working distance 

70-180mm f/3.5D

  • 1:1.33 is 4.7" (119mm) working distance 
  • 1:2 is 10.6" (270mm) working distance 

Sigma Lenses

105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM

  • 1:1 is 5.1" (139mm) working distance

150mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM APO

  • 1:1 is 7" (183mm) working distance

180mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM

  • 1:1 is 8.5" (219mm) working distance

Tamron Lenses

60mm f/2 Di II LD

  • 1:1 is 3.9" (100mm) working distance

90mm f/2.8 Di II

  • 1:1 is 3.7” (95mm) working distance

180mm f/3.5 Di

  • 1:1 is 9.1” (230mm) working distance (DG OSM HSM version is slightly shorter at 220mm)

Tokina Lenses

35mm f/2.8

  • 1:1 is 0.7" (18mm) working distance

Irix Lenses

150mm f/2.8

  • 1:1 is 7" (177mm) working distance
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