Nikon DX Lenses

Since 1999 when the first DX DSLR appeared, Nikon has introduced 19 DX lenses (different focal lengths)—some with multiple updates—specifically for those crop-sensor cameras. In a few cases we have lenses equivalent to FX lenses, but we're still missing a lot of equivalence in the DX lens lineup 19 years later. Particularly missing are wide angle primes and f/2 or f/2.8 zooms equivalent to the main FX zoom kit. 

Note that some DX lenses can cover the FX frame either partially (sometimes in only part of their zoom range, or at 5:4 crop, or with some vignetting). All FX lenses cover the DX frame. 

Here are some common DX to FX equivalents to keep in my when considering DX lenses:

  • 10mm DX = 15mm FX
  • 12mm DX = 18mm FX
  • 14mm DX = 21mm FX
  • 16mm DX = 24mm FX
  • 18mm DX = ~28mm FX
  • 24mm DX = ~35mm FX
  • 35mm DX = ~50mm FX
  • 50mm DX = ~70mm FX
  • 70mm DX = 105mm FX
  • 135mm DX = 200mm FX
  • 200mm DX = 300mm FX

If you need a Nikon lens acronym explained (e.g AF-S, ED, etc.), see this article.

Here’s information about every DX Nikkor produced:

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