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Welcome everyone. 

I've been on the Internet pretty much from day one, and have had this Web site for well over a decade now. As part of making sense of my sprawling Web presence, I’ve now split my work into multiple Web sites:

  • sansmirror.com — coverage of all mirrorless camera systems
  • zsystemuser.com — coverage of the Nikon Z System
  • filmbodies.com — legacy coverage of all Nikon F-mount film SLRs
  • gearophile.com — compact camera coverage, plus lots of gadget coverage (with an emphasis on photography related gadgets)
  • dslrbodies.com (this site) — coverage of Nikon DSLRs, lenses, and accessories
  • bythom.com — an index site for the others, plus teaching points and photographic travel

This change was due to a simple reason: my prolific content was starting to get buried. As I neared a thousand Web pages of content (almost 300MBs) it became clear that I needed to do some reorganization and updating. I started working on that project in 2010. It took me several re-starts to figure out that having everything in one site would mean a hugely complex structure and wouldn't necessarily help you find what you're looking for. 

I'm not the only Web presence that has opted for separate sites to help keep clutter from overwhelming content. Indeed, the big boys (Yahoo, CNET, AOL, and others) have all had to grapple with this same problem and eventually opted for the multiple URL approach.

As before, I use a tab-based menu system to help you navigate all the content. You'll find that menu system in the dark bar under the banner photo. I'm being as consistent as possible across sites with structure, thus once you're familiar with one, the others shouldn't seem foreign to you. Yes, some of the menus will hit visible limits due to the depth and breadth of this site, especially if you try to use them on things like mobile phones. Note that each menu is a page in and of itself: that page contains links to those things living under it. If you hit menu limits on your device, try looking at the container pages, as they usually have the links you're looking for.

Other things you should take note of are the integrated RSS and social media support. I'm still experimenting with those things, so bear with me as the site settles into a rhythm of its own with these things. As with my other sites, I don't currently accept advertising, though I'm considering adding some. Right now the site is supported through your use of Affiliate Links and advertising links (see this explanation  for the full details). You'll find some of those in the sidebar at the right, and others embedded on review and database pages. Let me thank you in advance for your continued use of these links. 

I hope you enjoy this site, and let me know how I’m doing from time to time.

Help me improve this site! If you find incorrect or incomplete information, be sure to let me know. Just fill out the form on the Contact page and let me know what you found.

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