Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR AF-S II

bythom nikkor 70-200mm
  • FX coverage
  • Autofocus (in-lens focus motor), internal focus
  • 21 elements in 16 groups, 7 ED elements
  • 9-blade rounded aperture diaphragm
  • smallest aperture is f/22 
  • 77mm filter ring
  • 4.6' (1.4m) minimum focus; 1:4 maximum reproduction ratio
  • 8.1 x 3.4" (205.5 x 87mm) long, diameter
  • 54.3 ounces (1540g) weight
  • included HB-48 bayonet lens hood, LC-M2 soft case, caps
  • US$2400
  • Model Number 2185
  • Announced July 2009

Thom's Mini Review: This redesigned lens is a mixed bag. The original was quite good, particularly on the DX bodies. The new version doesn't improve the DX results, but it is clearly better into the corners on FX bodies, which is welcome. The issue with the re-design is that there's considerable focal length breathing, which means that the lens isn't anywhere close to 200mm when you're focusing close. Still an optically good lens, but Nikon didn't knock the redesign out of the park, which is a bit of a disappointment for such an expensive lens. 

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