Future Waterfront Land


With global warming being what it is, coast lines are going to start moving. I know you really like where you live now, but I've got some property that's going to be the best waterfront land in the not-too-distant future. I can hook you up with it now for the low, low cost of just...

Okay, where's Thom going with this? ;~)

One the new trending emails/posts I'm seeing is this: the D7100 is lame compared to the rumored Canon 7D Mark II. Well, sure. It's pretty lame compared to the byThom SLR1, too. Heck, it's lame compared to the photographic capabilities of the Starship Enterprise and even the Death Star. It's really easy to make brazen statements when you're comparing reality against imagined futures. 

Not that I think the Mark II rumors aren't real or don't have at least some truth to them. But they're rumors. By the time the 7D Mark II appears it might not be what the rumors suggested, or more interestingly, there might be other competitors that have appeared to it. 

My suggestion? Don't buy future coastal property. Live in the present, prepare for the future.

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