DSLRbodies.com Launch Sweepstakes

Win a US$250 gift card redeemable at B&H.

Help me get this new bythom presence started right by using the social aspects of the Web, including those in the sidebar (Tweet a page reference from dslrbodies, add yourself to Thom's Google+ following, subscribe to the RSS feed, post a link to a dslrbodies page on your own site, or just email a friend about the dslrbodies site launch). More on what you need to do in a bit, but first, you want to know what you might win.

Glad you asked: a US$250 gift card from our exclusive advertiser, B&H (advertiser link) 

Sorry, but due to the wide discrepancies in applicable laws, this sweepstakes is only open to US residents. You must have a US address to win.

But if you're a US resident looking for good karma:

  • Use one of the social links in the upper right column to share a dslrbodies.com page, any page, with someone else. It doesn't matter which link you use. Like a page, Tweet a page, email a page, or Google +1 it (additional choices are in the Share button).
  • Read the Official Rules, below, so that you understand all the fine print.
  • Then click on this link to enter the information I'll need to process a winner.

Official Rules

No purchase is necessary. Only one entry per person will be considered. Anyone found to have entered more than once will be disqualified. Sweepstakes is open only to US residents over the age of 18 only. Employees and contractors of byThom may not enter this sweepstakes. Sweepstakes winners will be declared every month until supplies run out or the contest is closed by byThom for other reasons. 

You enter this sweepstakes by clicking on the link above. You may also enter by sending your name and address on a postcard to byThom, dslrbodies Sweepstake, PO Box 811, Emmaus, PA 18049, postmarked by the last day of the sweepstakes. You are absolutely not required to use one of the social media links on one of the dslrbodies pages to enter, though it would be appreciated. You are not required to buy anything. The only requirement is that you submit an entry via one of the two free methods indicated (click on link, or send postcard).

The winner will receive a US$250 gift card redeemable at B&H, including shipping. The FTC wants me to say what the value is, so, well, it's US$250, duh. Prizes will be awarded at random to eligible entrants. All prizes will be awarded, and shipped to the winners via USPS. If a winner provides false information or fails to provide the information necessary to ship the prize when requested, an alternate winner will be selected.

The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Winning names will be posted on this site after prizes are awarded and thus available to all entrants to see. You agree that byThom may use your name and likeness for promotional purposes should you win. All submitted information about all other entrants will be destroyed and discarded and not used for any purposes unless you checked the box that indicates otherwise. We cannot guarantee that the simple act of entering might not expose your identity to others, as we do not control traffic on the Internet, nor can we control who sees a postcard before it reaches us.

Lost or delayed entries for any reason are not the responsibility of byThom and will not be considered; we do what we can to avoid technical issues that may cause this, but we cannot guarantee that there won't be any. All disputes will be subject to litigation in Pennsylvania and decided under that state's laws.

Entrants release dslrbodies, byThom, and its employees, contractors, and owner from all liability entrants may incur by entering this sweepstakes or winning it.


This sweepstakes is conducted by byThom, PO Box 811, Emmaus, PA 18049.  

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