What Good is Nikon Message Center?


While doing some last minute checking of the data on this new site, I decided to peak at Nikon Message Center to see what firmware updates were for the various cameras. Bad idea. 

Message Center 2 lists the D300s at 1.01, doesn't list the D600 as having an update at all, and misses the latest D4 and D800 updates. Gee, thanks for nothing Nikon. It also has some repeated messages (the May 16th Outdate Software bulletin), misses the last Capture NX2 update, and more. I had to go into my Preferences and make sure they were correct I found so many problems. Unfortunately, they're real problems. Not only are my Preferences set correctly, but a forced Refresh doesn't fix the problem. 

Bottom line: don't trust Nikon Message Center to give you notice of updates, let alone accurate information. It's Doesn'tworkware. Nor has Nikon seemed to have noticed that Macintosh OS X now has notifications ability in it. Heck, if it did, I could Tweet a Nikon update directly from the notification. We wouldn't want that, would we? ;~)   

So add Nikon Message Center to a long line of Nikon software I don't recommend. If whoever's in charge of software at Nikon thinks they're doing a good job, they are delusional. 

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