Sigma Identifies Issues with D5300


Sigma issued a service advisory that indicates that they are finding that Sigma lenses won’t  function properly with the Nikon D5300’s autofocus system. Sigma lenses to be used on these cameras will need to have updated firmware. That may or may not be a simple process:

  • Lens that can use Sigma’s dock — updates will be user installable
  • Lens with in focus motor that can’t use Sigma’s dock — lens will have to be returned to Sigma for update
  • Lenses without in focus motors — can’t be updated for this problem

In the case of the second bullet, discontinued lenses may or may not be able to be updated depending upon whether Sigma has certain parts on hand. 

The firmware updates are expected to be available November 20th and will be free.

This brings up an interesting question. Let’s say that you’re not a D5300 user and won’t be buying one, but have Sigma lenses. In the future, a lens that hasn’t been updated should technically be worth less than one that has, as savvy shoppers on places like eBay may have a D5300 and be aware of this issue. 

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