Nikon Updates Df, D3200, D5200 Firmware


Nikon today released firmware updates for three cameras: the Df, the D3200, and the D5200. 

Version C1.01 for the Df includes three bug fixes for minor issues. 

Version C1.03 for the D3200 adds support for the new retractable 18-55mm kit lens.

Version C1.02 for the D5200 adds support for the new retractable 18-55mm kit lens, plus fixes four other minor issues. 

Update: after thinking about this for a bit, the 18-55mm kit lens compatibility thing is something that probably needs to be on every recent Nikon DSLR, including the FX ones (yes, I know it's not likely you'd use that lens on an FX camera, but this indicates a new thing (retracting lens) that only the latest Nikon DX DSLRs (D3200, D3300, D5200, D5300) support. Hopefully Nikon will get around to updating other recent DSLR firmware, as well.

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