Just a Reminder

It appears that a few of you are just subscribing to the RRS feed for this page and thinking that you’re getting everything that I write for this site. You’d be wrong. The RRS feed is only for News/Views articles. I’ve been writing a number of other types of articles lately, too. 

For example, today I posted a new article in the Improving the Photographer series you’ll find in the Technique section.

This site has far more information and articles on it than you might at first think. It behooves you to do one of two things:

  • Visit the main bythom.com page and look through the last month’s worth of articles that have been posted on all my sites. 
  • Take some time and go on a menu-based treasure hunt every now and then. I’ll bet you find an article somewhere that you didn’t know was on one of the sites. 

For those of you who really want to drink from the fire hose, I’m looking at a way of giving you that “total” RRS view of the bythom world. But be careful what you wish for. You might get more than you can keep up with.

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