Nikon D4 Firmware Update

(news & commentary)

Nikon today released firmware 1.10 for the D4. This firmware does these things:

  • Adds support for the Fn button on WR-1 and WR-T10 wireless remote controls to be assigned (new CSM #F17). Assignments include DOF Preview, FV Lock, AE/AF lock, AE lock only, AE lock (reset on release), AF lock only, AF-On, flash off, and Live View enabled/disabled.
  • Fixes a problem that occurred with certain combinations of XQD and CF cards that caused the ERR message to display.
  • Added support for CF cards greater than 128GB.
  • Restored Trap focus via the AF-On button/

I should point out that it’s taken two years worth of lobbying to restore trap focus, and it’s only been restored on the D4 and D4s cameras. Likewise, it only took two years for the WR-T10 Fn button to get support in a camera. Frankly, this is too slow to respond to real user requests/needs. Moreover, the silence while working on the changes is problematic, as well. Nikon needs to have a legitimate place for pro photographers to suggest needed changes/additions, and to see Nikon’s response to such.

Also, it appears that the Lexar 400x/1000x CF card incompatibility issue is now resolved by having Lexar replace the card (see this link).

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