Nikon Again Acknowledges D750 Issue

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In a short knowledge base item posted yesterday, Nikon updated their statement about the D750 banded flare problem with the following statement: “To correct this issue, Nikon will inspect and service at no cost the camera’s light-shielding components and adjust the AF sensor position.” This service will begin sometime later in January, with details to be announced.

It appears that Nikon has gotten the message that they need to be on top of camera quality issues and respond both appropriately and quickly to them as they arise. The way Nikon has handled the D810 white spots and D750 banded flare is in stark contrast to the way they tried to not handle the D800 focus and D600 shutter shedding problems. 

This is really all we users were asking of them. Obviously, complex products sometimes make it into production with something that wasn’t caught. There are so many balls being juggled in creating and manufacturing a DSLR I wouldn’t want to be called on to come up with the complete list. What we wanted was for Nikon to be closer to the customer, to hear about any problem that did arise quickly, and then to respond with corrections as fast and as conveniently as possible.  That now seems to be the case with Nikon.

That said, Nikon is still extremely opaque to customers. There still isn’t a way that a customer can be sure that a problem, request, or suggestion will get heard. Add that to Nikon’s now more responsive nature, and I don’t think any of the Nikon faithful would have issues with the way the company is handling user feedback. 

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