Returning a Nikon D750 for Repair?


NikonUSA provides a shipping label to return your D750 back to them to have the banded flare problem addressed. However, that UPS shipping does not include insurance. It appears that NikonUSA has once again elected to self-insure (same as with the D600 repairs, D810 repairs, and any time they need to repair a repair ;~). 

So let me give you a word of advice about shipping this way. Okay, words:

  • Use only a new, pristine box. 
  • Photograph your camera’s condition.
  • Photograph the inside of the box after you’ve packed it.
  • Photograph the outside of the box after you’ve packed and sealed it.
  • Especially important: make sure that the place where you drop it off gives you a receipt from the scan they do to put the shipment into their computer system.

That last one is trickier than it sounds. A lot of “UPS drop off” points don’t scan products. They literally act only as a pickup station for UPS, and when the truck driver shows up, he does the initial scan. The solution is to drop the package off at a UPS Store, where they will give you a scan receipt.

Why the paranoia? Shall we say experience? I get reports all the time of contested damage on shipment. If you’re frustrated that you had to send your brand new D750 back to Nikon to be fixed, imagine how frustrated you’ll be if you have to start arguing with multiple organizations about who’s fault it is that the package never showed up at NikonUSA or showed up damaged?

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