What’s Going to Happen With Rebates?


A few people have been asking me about whether current body/lens rebates are going to expire and prices go back up at the end of the month. 

My answer is simple: no. We’re very likely going to see rebates extended plus new, additional rebates appear. That’s particularly true for Nikon, who is in the last quarter of their fiscal year and has ground to make up to meet their forecast numbers. 

The good news here in the US is that the Japanese companies have room to manipulate prices downward in dollars with the yen in the 118 to the dollar range, or up almost 15% above where it was for most of 2014 until the devaluation started in earnest in August. So if it takes a few more dollars in instant rebate to move product here in the US, it will be done. Things will be a little tougher for the camera companies to be aggressive with price in Asia and Europe, but I expect them to do so anyway. Despite the declining market, the camera companies are still overbuilding to demand.


Meanwhile, it looks like the last of the previous generation of Nikon V2 cameras are finally getting cleared out. Here’s B&H’s latest offer on those models (click on the photo):


These deals do expire at the end of the month.

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