Nikon D750 Gets a Second Service Advisory

(news & commentary)

Nikon today announced a second service advisory for all D750’s, this time for ones made in October or November of 2014. Nikon’s description of the problem is terse, but given the way its worded, one would guess that there is a shutter issue, as that’s often a primary cause of unexpected “shadows” in images. Nikon will pay for shipping to get the camera to them for repair (still waiting for that on the 300mm f/4E NikonUSA). 

This does not seem to be related to the original problem, though it appears that a few bodies had both problems. 

Simple advice: if you own a D750, go to the service advisory pages for your local Nikon subsidiary and check both service bulletins for your camera. Each has a button that leads to a serial number check to see if your camera is affected, and then issues instructions for what to do if it is. 

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