Nikon is Survey Happy, So Am I ;~)


Nikon has struck once again with a survey of its ownership. This time it seems that they’re reaching back into people who haven’t bought in a long time. I’m getting emails about the survey from people that registered a camera with Nikon years ago as well as ones who registered one recently. And it doesn’t seem to matter the camera that was registered. So this latest ownership survey appears to be more an attempt to get some answers from the broad constituency of previous and current Nikon customers.

As you might expect, I’m curious about what the byThom reader’s answers to Nikon’s questions would be, so I’ve once again prepared a version of Nikon's survey. Click here to take my survey. I added a page of questions up front so that this isn’t just a Nikon-user-only survey. Please feel free to take the survey no matter what type of camera you own or what type of photographer you are. It will be interesting to see if there are differences in the answers across brands and types of cameras used. 

Also, as usual, I’ve modified Nikon’s questions a bit, in most cases to clarify or simplify or get rid of some translated hangover ("camera purchasing journey”), in other places to get a more detailed and useful answer. Still, I’ve tried to stick as much as possible to Nikon’s questions. Why? Well, I know that my version of their first survey has reached the general manager of marketing at Nikon Tokyo. While Nikon is using n sample of their customer base, it is almost certainly useful to them to compare results against a both broader and more specialized customer base. 

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