Firmware Updates for the D750, D4s

(news & commentary)

Nikon today announced firmware version 1.10  for the Nikon D750. The only specified feature change is added support for the Atomos Open Protocol, which appears as an option on the HDMI menu (SETUP menu). Fifteen (!) problems and bugs were corrected with this update, including a few that I’ve seen and reported on (file number sequence wasn’t always correct). Funny thing is, I just noticed that some of the other fixes in this update (characters clipped in the Location menu) are still present in current firmware for other cameras, including the D810, so I guess we’ll see new firmware for those cameras soon.

One disturbing thing about Nikon’s descriptions of changes is obviously present in this D750 change: “optimal vibration reduction is now available with vibration reduction lenses.” Uh, what? This seems to be a polite way of saying “vibration reduction wasn’t working as intended and has now been fixed.” Or is it a way of saying “we found a way to improve performance of the vibration reduction system”? No way of knowing, but this isn’t the first (or tenth, or maybe even hundredth) time that something has been lost in translation that raises eyebrows amongst those paying attention. 

The D4s firmware 1.30 gets the same Atomos Open Protocol addition, plus corrects five problems (and no, optimal vibration reduction was not in the list; apparently the D4s was already optimal ;~). 

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