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Nikon today quietly announced the LPG-001 Protective Glass overlay for D4s, Df, D810, and D750 DSLR LCDs. Nikon themselves don’t seem to have a lot to say about this new product yet, as they haven’t even issued a press release yet that I know of. Nikon Rumors is reporting that the overlay is chemically toughened glass that is scratch and shatter resistant, and has a fluorine-coating to repel water and oil. The price is US$40.


First, if memory serves me correctly, Nikon made a big thing about the glass on the D4. You know, scratch and shatter resistant. Indeed, when I asked Nikon why no protective cover came with the D4 or D800 their answer was they didn’t need one. 

Second, why do US$600 smartphones have better glass (and oleophobic coatings) over their LCDs than our US$2000+ cameras? 

Third, how is Nikon’s glass protector better than the Larmor ones that are available on Amazon for half price or less, or the Vello ones that B&H has been selling (likely from the same source as the Larmor, but rebranded)?

I’ve managed to crack LCDs over the years. With the lower end cameras it’s not all that difficult to do. So if you’re really rough on gear or like that extra insurance against damage, installing one of these protectors isn’t a terrible thing to do (they do rob a bit of light from the LCD). Nikon’s version seems to come with a premium price, though. 

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