Wrap it Up

Just two days into the pre-conference and already I’m getting snide ;~). So caution, sarcasm mixed with information ahead. 

You wouldn’t believe the volume of press material that the NAB Trade Show generates. It’s easily doubled and maybe even tripled my already heavy email load for the last two weeks. Press releases on everything under the sun, and almost literally so. 

Yesterday I got a press release on a new cable tie. You know, the things you use to wrap up your cables so they don’t turn into serpentine messes that will never untangle. Video shooters use lots of cables. We still photographers don’t tend to have as many cables to keep straight unless we’re in a studio and doing tethered shooting and a complicated light setup. Still, cable ties are important. They really do save you grief in the long run. But…

Quoting from the press release: “After three years in development, the revolutionary design we created makes attaching the cable so simple anyone can attach a CableWrap in seconds.” Three years? There are cable wraps that some people can’t use? Revolutionary? 

Okay, sarcasm aside for a moment, I actually have a few of the company-in-question’s previous generation cable ties. They’re pretty darned good. If they improved them—and I won’t know that until I manage to see one in action and that might not happen during the show as I’m booked pretty solid now—that’s all I need to know. 

Oh, you want to know the company and product? Rip-Tie Rip-Lock CableWrap. The winner so far of this year’s most capital letters without using an acronym award. 

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