Canon Introduces the 5D Mark IV

bythom canon 5div front

Canon today introduced the latest iteration of the 5D, the Mark IV model. The big change in the camera comes at the image sensor, where the resolution is now bumped up to 30.4mp and a number of other changes have been made.

The sensor has more dynamic range than previous 5D models (similar in range to the 1DXII, which would be more than a stop improvement from the previous 5D model), plus it’s the first to include 4K video (though at a 1.74x crop). Dual-pixel technology is used for faster video and LiveView focus, plus for diffraction correction. 

More interestingly, the 5D Mark IV has a new ability if you’re using Canon’s DPP software: using the dual-pixel information somewhat like a light field data set to do some post shooting focus fine tune. Unfortunately, the impact of this is minimal, directional, and tends to soften the overall image a bit. Still, the dual-pixel ability seems like a pointer towards how the future will unfold. Moreover, the second set of data looks as if it could be used for highlight recovery.

The camera uses CompactFlash (Type 1 UDMA 7) and SD (UHS-I) cards, and shoots at up to 7 fps. Inside we’ve got WiFi and GPS built in; Canon’s promoting it’s CS100 Connect Station with the camera for simple and fast transfer of images. 

In DSLR-type operation, the 5D Mark IV has 61 autofocus points, 41 of which are cross-hatched. All points are compatible with f/8 lenses.

So what’s exciting about the 5D Mark IV? Personally, it appears that the 5D now finally gets close to Nikon D810 levels (pixels, dynamic range, etc.), but with a wider array of the types of features that show up heavily in marketing (WiFi, GPS, 4K, etc.).  This pushes the bar for any intended D810 update for sure. 

On the flip side, this is definitely an incremental update. The Mark IV sits nicely between the previous 5D Mark III and the 5Ds/r models, with a solid mix of useful features and performance that isn’t at the extreme of what Canon can do. Price, too, is very D810 like at US$3499 for the body at introduction. 

The 5D Mark III was a terrific camera, and the sensor improvements can only make the Mark IV an even better one, even without considering some of the other changes that were made. I’ve added a D810/5DIV comparison chart to the site. Data page for the 5D Mark IV.

Starting with the Canon 5D Mark IV will begin adding Canon DSLR information and coverage. I hope to eventually make the Canon coverage equal to the Nikon coverage, especially since I get more cooperation from the CanonUSA folk than the NikonUSA folk ;~(.

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