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Some of you seem somewhat panicked by my announcement that I’ll be adding Canon information and coverage to So I need to make a few additional comments in order to stave off an In Box filling with questions.

First, nothing is changing as far as my Nikon coverage goes. I have not “sold out” to Canon, I’m not switching to Canon, I’m not going to stop doing Nikon coverage, nor am I even going to lower the amount of Nikon coverage I’ve been doing in order to fit in Canon coverage.

What’s really happening is a formalization of something I’ve been trying to do for some time. I don’t believe that you can talk about Nikon DSLRs in isolation. They are not the only such tool you can buy, after all. So in order to understand how Nikon DSLRs perform you probably want to know how they perform in relation to the other options you have.

I’ve actually been trying to do that for awhile now. I’ve written some “mini reviews” of the 1Dx and 7D Mark II and a few Canon lenses embedded in some of the sports articles I’ve done in the past couple of years. I added a Canon/Nikon comparison table to the camera section last year. What I’m trying to do now is flesh those things out into more useful information and make them part of my regular coverage. That means that, yes, I will try to review many—but not all—Canon DSLR products that come out, and that I will try to make sure that the databases on this site reflect both the Nikon and Canon DSLR options as best I can.

Personally, I’ve always tried to keep up to date with Canon’s DSLRs as best I could, and I continue to spend  time shooting with them whenever I can. I’m simply trying to take that knowledge out of my head and put it in the proper form here in the public space.

I probably could have just made the changes I did without mentioning them and gotten almost no email on the subject. 

Finally, is not a fan site. Some of you seem to think it was/is. That’s never what I intended it to be, nor can I think you can really make the argument that I’m exactly a “fan” of Nikon, let alone a slavish fan. The purpose of this site has been and continues to be to inform, to provoke thought about the tools we use and how we use them, and to advocate for better tools than we have.

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