Just a Quick Share Update

As part of integrating the latest CIPA numbers into my database, it’s easy enough to create a quick market share analysis using Canon’s and Nikon’s first and second quarter reported numbers:


  • Canon 35.5% market share in 1H 2016
  • Nikon 27% market share in 1H 2016

ILCs (DSLRs and mirrorless combined)

  • Canon 49.1% market share in 1H 2016
  • Nikon 29% market share in 1H 2016

Using the projections both Canon and Nikon made forward for the full year ahead, both companies expect to lose only a percent or two market share in ILCs in the second half of the year. Compacts are more difficult to assess, as that market is collapsing faster than can be accurately reported, and much more subject to revision lately.

The caveat: CIPA reports shipments from the factory, while Canon and Nikon are reporting actual sales thru subsidiaries. It’s possible that there is some carry-over inventory in the Canon/Nikon numbers, which would inflate their market shares somewhat.

Curiously, the ILC market shares of these two powerhouses now look a lot like the late 1990’s, before Nikon announced the D1 and changed the market for SLR products. The implication, of course, is that Nikon needs to do something similar again or else remain a distant second in the market.

Another tidbit that the database spit out:

Total yen value of shipments this year to date versus same period last year:

  • Compacts: 55.6%
  • DSLRs: 75.9%
  • Mirrorless: 93.1%
  • Lenses: 80.6%
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