Nikon Says You Want 360°

Nikon last week had their own press release announcing survey results (see Canon’s): "90% of Americans believe content they currently watch would be better viewed in fully immersive, 360-degrees, and 92% of Americans are ready to capture and share their own personal experiences using 360 cameras.”

The survey was conducted via email solicitation of 1000 “nationally representative US adults ages 18+” and designed and monitored by Wakefield Research. With a 95% confidence level, Wakefield claims that the results are within +/- 3.1 percentage points. The actual survey questions weren’t disclosed in the press release or supporting material, however.

Somewhat surprising was that one in four have used a 360° camera. That makes me wonder what camera that might have been, or what the survey respondents thought 360° actually is. 

Moreover, there’s contradictory results mentioned in the survey. First, 92% want to use a 360° camera to record personal experiences, but later on we’re told that 72% wanted to give “the platform” a try. Which is it, Nikon? (This is why we need to see what the questions actually were.)

More amusing was the things that people said they wanted to record in 360°:

  • Vacations 60%
  • Family Moments 53%
  • Milestone Events 45%
  • Outdoor Activities 42%
  • Sports they Play 19%
  • Sex 15% (okay, Nikon used the words “getting intimate with a partner”)

Of course this was all in support of the recently introduced KeyMission 360. One has to wonder whether that 72% or 92% that was “ready” would actually still be ready after trying to get their KeyMission 360 working. (Yes, that was a snarky comment. But it is indeed a question I’d ask given my experience with the KeyMission 360.)

So, America—and I assume the rest of the world, too—you now know why you wanted a KeyMission 360. Oh, you didn’t want one? Welcome to the 8%.

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