D5 Gets a Big Update

The firmware coders at Nikon struck first with the D500 and a tiny update that just fixed a visual issue with Language setting. Now they’ve struck again with version 1.10 for the D5, and this time its a big, massive update.

Here are the big changes:

  • D9 is added to the dynamic area autofocus modes. You select a single point and camera can move to any adjacent point. This is different than D25, where the camera can move two points away from where you select.
  • Flicker Reduction gets added to the PHOTO SHOOTING menu, ala the D500. This is a true retiming of the shot to get the full color out of frequency based lighting, not the Flicker Reduction that applies to Live View and video recording.
  • Electronic VR is added to the MOVIE SHOOTING menu, ala the D500. But it unfortunately has a lot of restrictions to it that make it not so useful for high quality shooters.
  • 4K video now can be recorded for up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. But be aware that this can create as many as eight 4GB files on the card that need to be combined to create one video file (the free View NX-i video editor can do this for you). 
  • Some autofocus functions were tweaked to improve response. In particular, using a programmable button change focus mode restores focus quicker, and Wide 3D-tracking was improved.

In addition to all the additions/improvements, the 1.01 firmware also fixes over a dozen small issues.

Meanwhile, Camera Control Pro also updates to version 2.23.1 in order to support the new D5 features.

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