Nikon Instant Rebates

With instant rebates here are the new prices at Nikon currently in effect in the US:

  • D500 body: US$1797
  • D750 body: US$1797
  • D810 body: US$2497

And with kit lens:

  • D500+16-80mm: US$2397
  • D750+24-120mm: US$2297
  • D810+24-120mm: US$3197

I don’t always mention body rebates when they occur, as they’re pretty ubiquitous and not always all that good. But these three bodies are all excellent cameras, and those are all a minimum of 10% off. At this pricing, we may even see some of these go in and out of stock.

That said, dealers are telling me that NikonUSA has told them that they will be pushing these bodies throughout the holiday season. That seems to indicate that NikonUSA expects to have plenty of supply overall.

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