An Assignment for the New Year

I can’t take credit for the idea, as the original assignment suggestion came from Adobe wizard  and evangelist Russell Brown last year. But as usual, Dr. Brown had a very valid reason behind his idea. 

Here’s the assignment:

  • Go out and shoot for a day, but only with your iPhone (or whatever other smartphone you may own). 

The latest iPhones have very good cameras, as do many other recent smartphones. Very, very good. That’s especially true if you don’t mind springing for an app that gives you a bit more control over what’s going on during the shooting process.

I'd tend to add to Brown's simple instruction this: intentionally shoot with your smartphone the types and kinds of things you'd normally shoot with your camera. This isn't an assignment to just use the camera in the smartphone, it's an assigment to use the smartphone as your camera. 

Now here’s the second part of the assignment:

  • If this assignment triggers any Aha! type moments on your part, I want to hear about them. Use the contact form on this site to send them to me.
  • Pick your very best shot from the day and send it to me from the smartphone. Only one shot allowed per person participating in this assignment.

Okay, I need to make a few additional comments about that last bullet:

  1. I don’t care if you make cropping or other post processing edits to the original image. You can even watermark it if you want. As long as you do everything in terms of capture and manipulation on the smartphone. Also, please do not (intentionally) strip EXIF data from the image.
  2. You must include in your email message the following statement: “I fill-in-your-name give Thom Hogan,, and its entities permission to display this image without remuneration on any of the Web sites in conjunction with any article Thom writes in January or February 2017.” If you require attribution, make sure you include exactly what that attribution should be: e.g. “Photo by fill-in-your-name.” 
  3. Please send such images only to this email address.
  4. Nothing in the above guarantees that Thom Hogan,, or its entities will actually use your image on a Web site in conjunction with an article.
  5. You understand and accept that I may comment about your image, and that said comment may be positive, negative, or anything I choose to write. 
  6. I won’t be responding to requests for image critique in your email. Any critique I might choose to offer would only appear on the Web site (see #2 and #5).
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