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NikonUSA has issued emails to NPS members asking them to renew their membership. Normally they do this in December. This year it got pushed into early January. If you're an NPS member and haven't gotten your renewal email, you should go to the NPS Renewal Web site (once logged in, you should be taken to the renewal page, but if you aren't, look for the "Check Renewal Status" button on the main page).

A few changes appear to be in effect, one of which you need to know about. In addition to the usual "two pro body and two lenses" requirement, there are now points assigned to gear you own, as well. These point values decline over the year (as products age), so it's possible to have a qualifying set at the start of the year, but your membership is in jeopardy if you fall below the 1000 points minimum threshold. Note that the My Camera Bag information you might have entered on the main NikonUSA site does not spill over to the NPS site; you have to re-enter the information.

Another strange anomaly is that NPS members receive a repair discount, but not for D7xxx models. I'm not sure what that's all about. 

NPS is a free program for professional photographers. 

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