PocketWizard FlexTT6 for Canon DSLRs

bythom pocketwizard flextt6

PocketWizard this week launched a new version of their Flex TT transceiver for Canon DSLRs. This wireless controller supports over two dozen recent Canon DSLR cameras, as well as Canon’s 430 and 600 model wireless flash units. 

LPA Design, the makers of the FlexTT6 are making a deal about being “forward, backward, and cross-compatible,” which is some pretty gee-whiz wording technology. What that means is the FlexTT6 works with other existing PocketWizard products, and will be updated in firmware to work with future ones. 

Nikon shooters are still a generation behind—FlexTT5—and are still without a third-party yet supporting Nikon’s new wireless SB-5000 radio technology.

You may wonder why I mention the FlexTT6 or why you keep seeing pros using PocketWizards. One thing, really: reliability in flash and camera triggering, even when using high shooting frame rates (up to 8 fps currently). The PocketWizards use the 344Mhz space in the US (433Mhz in Europe) instead of the more congested spectrum space most other devices use. Coupled with a choice of 52 channels over 26 frequencies here in the US, it’s easy enough to find a reliable channel where other photographers around me aren’t triggering my strobes. 

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