Full Series of Nikon Firmware Updates

The D3400, D5600, D7200, D500, D750, and D810 have all gotten recent firmware updates. In the case of the D3400, D5600, and D500, these are all updates designed to make SnapBridge more reliable, with no other known additions or features (I find that very strange for the D500, which clearly still has some issues that should be fixed in firmware). The SnapBridge mobile apps were updated previously to these firmware updates for reliability. 

The D7200, D750, and D810 firmware updates are more extensive. In all three cases, the WT-7 wireless transmitter is now supported, but each of these cameras had bug fixes as well, many of them significant. 

Curiously, the D610 did not get a firmware update, the only one of the main current DSLR models not to. 

I've updated the camera database to reflect the current firmware numbers, as I always do.

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