Site Changes for 2018

The following are all the changes I made in my full pass through the site this summer (I'm still trolling through the lens database fixing things, though):

  • Transitioned to https, including all cross links to other sites where appropriate
  • Cleaned up the style sheet so borders are better
  • Added more <previous><next> article links for easier navigation
  • Privacy information page was updated
  • Started linking to current articles in the appropriate folder in the Nikon 2018 News section instead of general New/Views
  • Added dates to Recommended statements
  • Updated external links that went to 404's, or removed them if they weren't moved pages
  • Quite a few articles have had minor edits, wording changes, or have been brought up to date with a newer example
  • Fixed a lot of spacing, style issues (but probably not all)
  • Updated Nikon Product Announcements pages (more links, now caught up with announcements)
  • Cleaned up About Nikon section
  • Deprecated User Experiences section (will no longer be updated; will eventually be removed)
  • Updated Ultimate Camera Upgrade Advice and added two recent cameras
  • Consolidated DSLR Sweepstakes articles into a section so it's easier to step through how advice changed from 2013 forward
  • Started new What to Buy section
  • Updated Nikon DSLR Lineage chart
  • Updated D750 review with service advisory information
  • Added "which cameras have" pages
  • Missing Nikkors has been updated to 2018 and a section devoted to the series so you can follow the action; the Nikkor Wish List now moves to that section, too
  • Moved 70-300mm DX review to where it belongs 
  • Updated all AF-P information to be consistent with most recent firmware changes, including in reviews
  • Added a PocketWizard compatibility page for Nikon cameras and Speedlights
  • The Recommended Macs for Photographers page has been updated to reflect the most recent models
  • Added an article with links to my recent B&H accessory wish lists for new cameras
  • The using a PC-E for panos article has been updated and moved to the Technique section
  • I've optimized the menu structure in the Technique section
  • Removed Recommended Books section, as it is entirely out-of-date
  • Reorganized News Section slightly (all articles appear within year sections now)
  • Added images to lens database, linked database entries to lens reviews, added last modified date
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