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Nikon continues to say they're committed to moving DSLR products forward, and the D6 and D780 were the first examples of that. I hear that another DSLR project is still brewing in the Tokyo labs, and I'd guess that it would be the D850 followup. If not that, please make it a D500 followup. Otherwise, don't make it! 

What about the other two remaining makers still standing at the DSLR bar?

The current rumor out of Tokyo is that Canon will not make a 5D Mark V DSLR (though there are some rumblings there will be at least one other full frame Canon DSLR; what would that be?). Now that the no-more-5D rumor is out there and circulating widely, I think that Canon really needs to step in and affirm or deny it. 

Of course doing so would be tipping their hands to competitors, but I don't think that's a problem. The R5 and R6 pointed where Canon's really headed. The problem is this: the 5D has been one of the most popular cameras among Canon-shooting enthusiasts. Many of those will want to continue in the DSLR/EF world for reasons that may not be fully justifiable, but why would you tell one of your best customers that you won't do what they want you to do?

A 5D Mark V would be reasonably simple to make: take the R5 sensor/digital board and stick it in the existing 5D body. What you end up with is a simple-to-create hybrid, much like Nikon did with the Z6 sensor/electronics in making the D780 (though Nikon also had to come up with a new body to replace the aging D750 design). 

Instead, Canon would be effectively telling 5D owners that their only option now is RF (and realistically, only R5 and R6 if you don't want to learn a new UI/ergonomics). I suspect that a number of those 5D owners will effectively tell Canon "no way, not what we wanted." 

Transition is always tough. The way I've always looked at it is this: push full speed ahead with the "new" but don't leave customers behind if at all possible. Keep the older line alive and iterate the best products until no one is buying them. That appears to be what Nikon is doing, so we'll see which method works better, I suspect.

bythom pentax dslr

Meanwhile, Pentax is anti-transition.

In yet another pre-disclosure of a long-time-coming APS-C DSLR, Pentax seems to be happy to be running a lap behind. Maybe they're happy they're still running at all. 

The big news that's been leaked this time: a bigger, brighter viewfinder using high-refractive glass in the prism; a new grip; plus Pentax has discovered the thumb stick and stuck it on. There's mumbo-jumbo about a "new sensor," and I'm hoping that means they've taken to the 28mp Sony Semi sensor, which would definitely distinguish this as being at the top of the APS-C DSLR chain.

But I can't help but get the feeling that GM is still making the Oldsmobile, here. An old-school crop sensor DSLR is playing to the few faithful fans still left in the stands. 

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