How did the 2011 floods affect Nikon? 

The massive flooding in Thailand completely inundated the first floor of Nikon's Ayuthaya plant north of Bangkok, which made DX cameras, some lenses, and a number of camera parts at the time. The plant was closed for several months, and Nikon had to replace critical equipment in the plant. As they did so, they also increased the production capacity of the plant. The biggest impacts to Nikon were: 

  1. D3100, D5100, and D7000 production was halted for some time; 
  2. new DX camera products were delayed; and 
  3. some critical suppliers, such as shutter and semiconductor suppliers were also in the affected area, and parts supplies were also slow to recover. 

As of April 2012, full capacity was restored at the plant. Since then, Nikon has added other cameras to those manufactured at the plant (e.g. D6xx, D750, Dxxx).

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