Nikon Repair Nomenclature

Here in the US Nikon follows fairly rigid practices in their database, and this is mostly true elsewhere, as well.

Order Status

  • Estimate—the service department has prepared an estimate and is waiting for the user approval of the estimate
  • Re-Estimate—the service department has re-evaluated the original estimate and updated it
  • Acknowledgement—the service department has acknowledged the repair request
  • Estimate Accepted—the service department has received approval by the customer for the estimate
  • Refused—the customer refused the estimate
  • Bill—the service department has confirmed the repair and price
  • Replace Product—the service department will replace the product
  • Replacement Offer—the service department is offering the customer a replacement instead of repair
  • Replacement Offer Accepted—the service department has received the customer's acceptance of a replacement offer
  • Received—the customer's product has been received by the service department and logged in
  • In Shop—the product is in the evaluation and repair process
  • Parts Hold—the product is waiting for parts to be received by the service department before repair is completed
  • Shipped—the product has been shipped back to the customer after repair
  • Invoiced—the product has been repaired and an invoice submitted for payment by the customer

As I've noted elsewhere, NikonUSA's database tends to lag reality. I've had multiple products actually return to me before they were even logged as In Shop in the customer-facing database. So don't get too hung up on the actual "status."

Repair Codes

  • N—no repair necessary or made
  • A—minor adjustments and checks were made
  • B1—moderate repair with minor parts replaced
  • B2—moderate repair with major parts replaced
  • C—major repair with major parts replaced
  • D—extensive repair, generally due to water or impact damage
  • S—single price (prix fixe) repair

The minor/moderate/major tends to have to do with how much disassembly must be done. Most common repairs tend to be B1 or B2.

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