Does Bridge CS4 have problems with adjustments.

Bridge CS4 doesn't recognize adjustments in tomorrow's images if you make them today ;~). 

I'm sure that you're wondering what drug I've overdosed on this time, but no, this is something that actually happens. All you have to do is travel across the International Date Line once or twice and, depending upon how you set your camera clock and your computer clock, you can get into situations where you're editing an image with tomorrow's date stamp today. Of course, the problem is only temporary. Once you actually get to tomorrow, Bridge will recognize what you did yesterday (or was it today?). This is one of those things that is tough to classify as a "bug," and it's a bit unclear what software should do in such circumstances. But the underlying lesson to users is watch your time and date settings on both your camera and computer. Technically, you should have them match all the time. 

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