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News and commentary about the Nikon DSLR world and photography in general. This page automatically updates with links for each new news/views story and is a good place to bookmark if you want to see the traditional bythom "front page" type of stories. 

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This page will be changing at the end of 2020 as I move to a different way of presenting and archiving news. Be aware that RRS links (which should currently point to this page) will break at that time and have to be redone.


The Nikon section is divided into two primary sections:

  • Nikon Products — information about Nikon product announcements, past and future
  • About Nikon — strategy, practices, and a FAQ

You may question why a section on the camera maker itself needs to exist. 

Buying into a camera system is a leap of faith. A full system for a serious photographer can cost many thousands of dollars. A prudent buyer wants to know what they’re getting into with such a large commitment of their hard-earned cash (if you’re one of those still buying on credit, you need even more to know what you’re getting into, as you’ll be paying it off for a long, long time). This section of the site tries to help you understand the overall system you're buying into.

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